What are Discard and Donate services? Discard and donate services help with the removal of items from your home that you do not want at your new location. The goal of this service is to remove these unwanted items and attempt to donate them to charity or dispose of them responsibly. We attempt to get as many items donated to charity as possible but there is no guarantee any items removed will be accepted by a charity.

Who is Relocation Remedies? Relocation Remedies utilizes a nationwide network of Professional Organizers and Removal Companies to customize a Discard and Donation process that meets the needs of every relocating family. Whether you need a few bags of clothes picked up or your entire home cleaned out, we arrange the entire process. You do not have to arrange items at your house for pick up, contact charities, or other removal companies. Relocation Remedies is not a 501©(3) organization.

What does a Professional Organizer do? A Professional Organizer “Quarterback’s” the discard and donate process. They pack and prepare items to be donated to charity and/or taken to recycling centers and transfer stations. They will listen to what your specific needs are as it relates to the items you wish to remove prior to your household goods shipment. They help separate, pile, prepare and pack items. They will team with removal companies and/or charities directly to arrange for your items to be removed. They will also facilitate the return of your donation receipt from a local charity should any items be donated.

How much time does this usually take? The amount of time varies greatly based upon your specific needs. The time spent on the discard and donate process depends on the number and nature of items.

What does Relocation Remedies do with my items? The vast majority of items we remove are recycled or donated. We do not resell or keep any of your items. We pride ourselves on partnering with eco-friendly removal companies and professional organizers that will go the extra mile to make sure as many items as possible get donated or recycled.

Are all of my items automatically donated? Each charity reserves the right of refusal. In the event of space limitations, or lack of a particular need, items may not be able to be donated. Most charities prefer certain types of donations. Your items may go to more than one charity for the maximum benefit of the community.

What items do charities accept? This varies depending on location, inventory, and season, among other factors. We will do our best to get as many items donated to charity but we cannot guarantee any or all items will be accepted. However, if a charity will not accept certain items, we make sure they are appropriately recycled or disposed of properly.

Will you provide a donation receipt? Each charity will utilize a unique format. Some receipts come in the form of a simple letter, some are tri-fold receipt pamphlets, while others may look like an invoice/receipt. We will assist in returning a scanned or hard copy donation receipt from the specific charity your items were donated. Typically, these receipts are left blank for you to fill out and assign a value. Relocation Remedies will not alter the donation receipt. The valuation of donated items is up to the donor. There are several websites that can assist with these determinations.

What if my items cannot be donated? Such items are properly recycled or sent to waste-transfer or energy-from-waste facilities (EfW).

What items will you not accept? We take everything that is not considered “hazardous” materials. Hazardous materials are items that are considered harmful to your community’s regular trash. The materials listed below have commonly been referred to as household hazardous waste (HHW). These materials include: 

  • Automotive products (antifreeze, fluids, motor oil, gasoline, polish & wax)
  • Batteries (home and vehicle)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  • Household cleaners (ammonia, drain cleaner, rust remover, tile/shower cleaner and more)
  • Universal materials (including Mercury-containing items: thermometers, thermostats)
  • Paint products (oil-based paint, latex paint, spray paint, caulk, wood preservation, wood stain)
  • Garden chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides)
  • Sharps (needles & lancets)
  • Swimming pool chemicals
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