Premium Unpacking

One of the most difficult and stressful aspects of a relocation is settling into a new location. Our Premium Unpacking not only helps employees get settled quicker but also eliminates overwhelming feelings that arise once the movers leave and their new home is filled with stacks of boxes.

Typical “unpacking” only puts items on the nearest flat service. This leaves your house in more of a mess than when the items are still in a box.

Premium Unpacking lets newly relocated employees get off to a great start in their new home. This allows time for employees to focus on their new role and for their family to begin exploring their new surroundings.

Premium Unpacking can help leave a lasting memory of an enjoyable relocation. Let Relocation Remedies support employees by allowing them to settle into their new home faster with Premium Unpacking.

 Unpack and breakdown moving boxes and packing material
Wipe down, organize and arrange items in home
 Place items in kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves
 Fill bookshelves and table tops
 Set up of toys, basic electronics and furniture
Extraneous items, such as shower curtain, adjusting clocks, spreading tablecloth and hanging pictures

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