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Discard and Donate helps organize, remove, and donate items from your home that you will not be taking to your new destination. These are typically items that have limited use at your new destination, may hold no value, or could simply benefit your local community. We will attempt to donate as many of your items to charity as possible. Goods unable to be donated will be recycled and as a last resort taken to the appropriate waste removal site.

***Please provide your contact information, address, and estimated inventory below and a team member will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your service request.***

We look forward to helping you move less so you can live more!

Disclaimer: Relocation Remedies, and/or our partners, will attempt to donate as many items as possible to charitable organization on your behalf.  In most cases we are successful, however, the final decision of what is accepted will be entirely up to your local charities. There are instances where charitable organizations will not accept some, or any, items for donation due to a variety of factors. Once we remove items from your home, these items will be donated and whatever is not accepted by your local charities will be discarded or recycled.  For more information, please review our FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions.


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  • July 2024

  • Please provide the most accurate inventory you can. This helps us provide you a more efficient service. *Please note we are unable to remove hazardous materials including but not limited to household cleaners, pesticides, motor oil, fertilizers, etc. Additionally, we cannot remove paint unless it is fully dried out (cat litter usually works). Thank you!

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